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Organizing Your Home to Create Spaces that Simply Function for everyone

Your Declutter Coach and Professional Organizer serves clients in New Richmond, Hudson, Baldwin and ALL of their surrounding areas including Lake Elmo, Stillwater, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, North St. Paul, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Hastings, Afton, River Falls, Somerset, Roberts, Hammond, Glenwood City and Menomonie areas.

Reclaim Control In Your Home.  Revive Your Confidence.  Revitalize Tranquility In Your Life.



I work alongside you to assess which possessions you truly need and love. From there, I coach and support you in deciding which items can be recycled or donated to create more room for what matters.

Donation Removal & Drop-Off is included



I believe that simplified space leads to a simplified life. My professional organizing service is designed to help you achieve just that. By categorizing your belongings, I will create a more functional, fluid space that simplifies your day-to-day routine. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to a space that supports your best self.



Everyone's organizing needs are unique. That's why my professional organizing service is designed to provide practical and physical assistance, while coaching, and guiding along the way. With my customized organizing systems, you'll discover the peace, pride, and enjoyment that come with having an organized space that suits your lifestyle.

Honest, Confidential and 100% Judgement-Free

Hi! I'm Jeana!

Jeana Adams | Professional Organizer

I am a Professional Organizer and the founder of Simply Sorty Organizing, serving Wisconsin and Minnesota communities including, New Richmond, Hudson, Menomonie, Stillwater, Woodbury, Cottage Grove and ALL surrounding areas. 

I am committed to helping bring order, calm and joy back into your life through the transformation of your living space. My approach to organizing is grounded in empathy and rooted in trust, ensuring you feel comfortable and respected every step of the way. With practical guidance, compassionate coaching, and efficient decluttering and organizing services, we work together to create the functional and beautiful space you deserve!


As a wife, mom of twins, and full-time career woman turned business owner, I understand the difficult tasks of trying to balance life while juggling what seems to be, everything.  I had to be extremely organized in our home, sports schedules, meals and finances. 

Through my journey as a working mother in a Veterinary Leadership and Management role, I discovered I could use my natural talent for organization and my passion for helping others by becoming a Professional Organizer.

My priority is to make every project comfortable and productive, with life-changing results.  My attention to detail and sensitivity are unmatched in the industry. 

Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing!

Alleviate Stress & Overwhelm

Clearing out clutter reduces visual distractions and promotes a feeling of spaciousness, which can help calm the mind. Overall, an organized space can contribute to a greater sense of peace and well-being. 

Save Time & Money

When everything has a designated place and is easily accessible, you spend less time looking for items, preventing unnecessary purchases of items you already own.

Improved Focus

With a clear and organized space, you can maintain better mental clarity and stay on track with your priorities, ultimately enhancing your ability to concentrate and be productive.

Ease of Finding Things

When clutter is out of the way and everything has a designated place, you'll know exactly where to look when you need something, minimizing frustration associated with misplaced belongings.

Confidence When Hosting Guests

You'll feel proud of the space you've created and the attention to detail you've put into making your beautiful home a reflection of your personality with all of your favorite possessions.

Declutter Your Brain

You can concentrate better on tasks at hand, make decisions more effectively, and prioritize what truly matters to you. A decluttered mind enables you to approach life with greater mindfulness and purpose. 

Ready To Experience These Benefits?

Simply Sorty Organizing is an elite professional organizer in the New Richmond, WI professional organizers directory on

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